Thursday, March 25, 2010

An Acknowledgement

Heather of Welch Happenings took pity on me -- old, sad, beat-up, hearing going to crap, eyesight fading, with signs of dementia creeping in -- and bestowed upon me this gift in hopes of cheering me up.

As I look at the award I can't help but notice the hand gripping the hammer. I think she was offering me a job. Clearly she saw beneath the decrepit facade and recognize my inner strengths of bravery, forcefulness, heroism and hammering ability.

I think Heather has roots in Welchland where, as you know, they make grape juice. As a dedicated follower I am given privy to secret she can only sleep on her stomach...she's a helluva singer when drunk...likes her steaks really well done...and is from Texas which makes her just about perfect. She is so lovably goofy that you just can't ignore her. Yes, go read Welch Happenings.

I have to write seven things about myself. I will. Sometime. And I have to pass this award to another. I will. Sometime.


  1. Heather has very good taste. She knows what she likes and lets everyone else in on it too! She's also one of my faves. I didn't know about the juice though. That might've been a secret. LOL.


  2. I love the name of the award. Honest. Strong. Hard worker.
    Lindsey Petersen

  3. Congrats! Well, you're honest. And you're scrappy. Which is better than being a "scrap". Because I've got NOTHING ELSE TO DO (actually 'cause I enjoy it here as much as I do!) I've looked up the meaning of "scrap" in my handy-dandy dictionary: "to break-up into scrap. to throw away as worthless."
    Now, isn't that better??
    (Hangs head in shame) Sorry....

  4. I think you started your post with seven things about you, or at least six...just with one more you are good to go. Congrats on the cool award.

  5. Congratulations! I think this blog fits the description of "honest scrap"; your posts give off an undeniable aura full of bravery, forcefulness, heroism and hammering ability.

    Fastening a necklace clasp is another matter...

  6. I also bestowed an award upon you today. Go check it out! I'm really excited about it. :)

  7. LOL!!!! Your soo funny!

    At first I thought those descriptions were about me, they could be (atually they are me).

    I needed that laugh, Thanks!