Thursday, March 4, 2010


Thank you Laura for awarding me The Sunshine Award. The award was for incredible bravery, dynamic personality, brilliant wit, strength of character, handsomeness beyond belief, and passionate presentation. Those are my words, not hers. She said something like, "Beautiful mind and wonderful posts" which I think is about the same thing.

You are doing yourself a disservice if you don't read her blog. She writes a blog that is witty and always entertaining. This is from a lass that is an author, TV personality, adventurer, and I suspect climbed Mt. Everest with one hand tied behind her back. You will be pleased to meet her.


  1. That's exactly what "beautiful mind and wonderful posts" means! Great pick Laura and congrats Jerry!

  2. More well deserved accolades. I must go to visit Laura.
    Alas, I used to be a thin person, then I got a computer, then I discovered the wonderful world of Blogs!

  3. I'm pretty sure that's what she meant too. =]

    I will check her out.


  4. LOL...Jerry, Jerry...You never fail to cheer me up. See? That's why you deserve the Sunshine. You are.:) ( I was looking forward to read 10 more things about you...Bummer.)

    Also, thank you for the fabulous CV!haha

    (One small correction though: when I climbed the Everest I didn't have just my hand tied to my back, but I was also blindfolded. Oh, yes and wearing a pair of Jimmy Choos was the best idea. The sherpas yelled "Holy Godess Mother!" but I'm sure they were not talking about me.)

    Thanks all for visiting my blog. The more the merrier.:)

  5. You so deserve that award. I love how you made this post into a shout ut for Laura. Just goes to show you are a classy guy.

    Headed over to check her out.