Sunday, May 30, 2010

Awards From Carol

Wonderful Carol graciously awarded me three blogger medallions. 

Why? '

I love Jerry at Gently Said, don't worry, his wife knows and she just rolls her eyes at his groupies. Jerry writes in a way that puts you right there, you feel what he felt, you see what he saw.'

I was pretty much put in an 'Aw shucks, Carol' frame of mind until I found out the real reason '...and between her and Jerry, they've taught me everything I ever need to know about inserting links in posts!' Sigh...

But she is pretty special to me. She is one of my first contacts when I started this blog thing, so we sort of keep track of each other as we creep along the way. Check her out and join her on her journey -- you will be fascinated and pleased.


  1. Jerry you rock, even if you didn't help me with the linky things!

  2. Yay! *claps enthusiastically* You deserve them!


  3. I agree. Your awards are well deserved.

  4. I already love your blog and the way you tell your stories. You engage the reader from the start with humor and vivid description. I appreciate this kind of writing and I am so glad to have connected with you.

  5. Much congratulations, Jerry! I've been MIA for a bit, but I bless that "older post" button....I can just keep working my way backwards....

    (Backs out of the room....)

  6. WHAT?! Your married! Noooooooo

    (sob) VERY well deserved Jerry (sniff)