Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dog Hair Dunes

I received a note telling me that my blog entry The Piccolautist has been featured on Five Star Friday. I’m pretty sure this is important although I haven’t received a check in the mail or anything. I can only surmise that someone nominated me or recommended me or somehow snuck me right in there so I am honored and I appreciate it and I am still looking for that check in the mail.

These are perplexing times with the BP oil spill and the attempted car bombing in New York and Greece having horrid financial woes, but I am really perplexed about why I can’t copy a videotape into my computer in a digital format. I do have opinions about BP and the car bombing and Greece but they are the opinions of a layman and it is hard to understand all the ramifications and perturbations so it is more prudent for me to concentrate on something that I figure should be simple and straight forward like how to copy a videotape from a video player into my computer. From analog to digital. I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to get technical there. I bought a doohickey—a little box with wires coming out both ends – that goes between the video player and computer and after three days I am able to get a digitized image but no sound and I know the wires are stuck in the right places so I guess I am going to have to break down and get my son to bail me out.

And speaking of my son – he wrote a long note on my blog Terrence and the Paradiddle and I am struck by three things. First of all he questioned my memory on some things. I find this to be an absurd assertion and I need to explain to Thomas…Timothy…I mean…what-his-name? Oh Terrence. I need to explain to him that my mind is sharp as a tack. The second thing is he called me ‘Pops’. He never calls me Pops. Doesn’t that make me sound kind of old? I used to be Dad, now I’m Pops. Maybe it just seems better when written…which leads me to the third thing. He can write. He writes well. I figure it is because of my genes which I have copyrighted so if he ever is discovered and becomes a famous author I will demand my royalties.

Why are my kids reading my blog anyway? This places a severe limitation on my freedom of expressing what horrible miscreants they were so now I have to dress everything in pretty and nice language to keep peace in the family. Hurrrmmph!

“Hey darling, have we seen a check from Five Star Friday yet?”

No. Maybe they will send a simple, straight-forward videotape to digital interface thingy instead.

Although Five Star Friday hasn’t come through with anything, I did discover a really interesting blogger there. Crib Chronicles is articulate, which is kind of scary, but she makes up for it by dredging up ideas that never crossed my mind especially in this post.

I have a new page on this blog called ‘Recipes’. I get a kick out of writing irreverent recipes so I figured that I could grab a couple of recipes that I posted earlier and stick them there, and then could write more sometime. Apparently my idea and Blogspot’s ideas don’t coincide. As soon as I copied one of my recipes and pasted it there, it showed up as a new entry on my original blog page. I don’t understand. I guess a new page can’t be treated as a separate blog. It is a mystery. I’ll figure out something before the year is out. I’ll find the time somewhere.

I have to go now because there is a lot of dog hair under the sofa. I don’t understand this. How does dog hair get under the sofa? After a trip to the dog park this morning I had this urge to move the sofa because we haven’t moved the sofa in…I don’t know…a long time. Sometimes I have these uncontrollable urges and I have to act on them. These urges sometimes get me into trouble, like when I had the urge to transfer my videotapes to DVD’s – still working on that. So the sofa has been moved and there are dunes of dog hair just sitting there awaiting attention. How did it get there? Then I need to pick up the water sprinkler that has been running all morning. Okay – one of the bathroom lights is out. I need to look at that even though it means climbing on things to replace it. And I should have prepared myself for this blog. Usually I mentally select a theme and then sit down and explore it. Why didn’t I do that? Maybe it was because I was too intent on satisfying my urges. I need to work on that. How does one get time to blog these days anyway?


  1. Your rambling randoms make me giggle. I don't know how dog hair gets under the couch, but then I don't know how cat hair gets everywhere it does either! I have no idea how to get videotapes transferred to computer. Apparently, I'm no help at all today. But congratulations on Five Star Friday. I'm pretty sure they don't pay. Sorry.


  2. Congratulations on your appointment to Five Star Friday! How selfless of you to work without remunerative recompense...[snicker]...

    Thanks for the link. I enjoyed Crib Chronicles' technology pamphlet. I might have to look in over there again sometime.

    I used to have the most tremendous dust bunnies forming under my bed and dresser in Korea. Linoleum floor. My only hypothesis was that, according to one of Newton's laws, or perhaps Murphy's, hair and dust are most likely to accumulate in the places that are (a) most out-of-sight and (b) most difficult to reach. Seems to adhere to the law of entropy very well.

  3. I've never heard of 5-star Friday, but it sounds very important. Stars are good unless they come with a headache, right?

    If my kids read my blog, they'd feel like they had to leave the country... only where could they go?

    The dog hair...our sofa faces the fireplace, so we see the back of it from the sunroom. Husband gasped not long ago because sofa had a faded strip down its length. He thought the sun had done it. I got the dog-hair getter-upper tool and sure, enough, it was dog hair. I guess she scratches herself by walking against it. You don't have a very short dog, do you?

  4. I need to get my Dad to blog...I'm sure he'd be entertaining, if he could figure out how to navigate the site. He's not really a writer, but he speaks in a very folksy manner, and always seems to have five-minute anecdotes to tell which would transfer well to the blog world.

    We used to have the dog hair problem too, when we had a medium-haired medium-sized dog and hardwood floors. Now we are down to one short-haired dog, so I expect we won't have much problem with dog hair pile-up from now on.

  5. Your post reads like the inside of my head. Either we're related or it's another damned aging thing...the attention span of a gnat and constantly hoping some free money shows up. Throw in some technological incompetence and curbing your creativity 'cause you grown kids comment on your blog. Yep, welcome to my world.

    P.S. Pages do show up looking like blog posts, but they shouldn't, thereafter, appear anywhere except when a Pages tab is clicked on by a curious reader. I don't think anybody reads my Pages, but it makes me feel tidy to put stuff somewhere.

    Congrats on your 5-Star Feature! I've seen that on other people's blogs and experienced envy, but I don't know what it is, either. That's sick.

  6. Jerry, Thank You so much for your comments. At the very least, I know that I am getting messages across, not just for my children, but for everyone who stops by.

    Please feel free to e-mail me

    ihike4me62 at rocketmail dot com
    I find leaving windows open creates a good enough cross breeze to push all the cat hair to the edges of the rooms, then I run around the edges with the hand vac......... !


  7. P.P.S. Any check in the mail yet?!

  8. Your son should clean the dog hair from under the couch, not read your blog and certainly not call you Pops. Tell him as soon as the wheels on my walker are fixed, I'm coming for him! Damn that Tony anyway!

  9. Sofas are hats for dog hair dunes. They are never to be moved. If they're comfortable to sit on, that's just a bonus. I sure like you Jerry.

  10. Glad the 5-Star Friday nomination made you smile. The Piccolautist has made the rounds of my family and friends... they all agree that it's a special post.

  11. P.S. Pages are static pieces of your total blog experience. And, yes, Nance, some people (ok, I) do read the pages.... they help me see what you thought I should notice. I'm anxiously awaiting your first recipe, Jerry -- you should be able to add text by clicking the Edit Pages tab on the New Post page of Blogger and then opening your Recipe page.

    Loved being in your head with this post!

  12. Congrats on the Five Star Friday! I can't help with any of your questions or dilemmas. Loved the randomness of it all.