Sunday, April 17, 2011

Secret Internet Places

I am ill today. I started getting ill yesterday, and today I am iller. My primary symptoms are a sore throat, mild headache, stopped up sinuses, and an inability to write a blog entry even after four tries. A doctor would proclaim that I am having an allergic reaction to grass and tree pollen and I would be inclined to agree.

So I will make this easy on myself. I will simply tell you of a site or two that I visit daily so that you can too if you are so inclined. The first site serves as portal allowing me to jump and skip all over the internet tracking down information that interests me. is the first site that I visit every day. The Reference Desk is nothing more than a collection of links to a multitude of places. Not only can I easily jump to newspapers that I like, but I can sneak in and read Dave Barry or pick up a delicious insult, like "Thou venomed scurvy-valiant haggard!" from the Shakespearean Insulter that I never have the nerve to use in real life. You can dig into history, find reference material, look at National Geographic photography, get the latest news, find poetry, and come up with quotes that I absolutely love and would pay to be able to say that they are my own, like: "Gravity is not my fault. I voted for Velcro!" If you like recipes, desire to see the dreaded "Drudge Report", want weather news, interested in calendars, or need to prepare for the SAT -- this is the site for you. The is the first site that I visit each and every day, and many times provides fodder for my blogs.

The second site that I usually visit daily is Arts and Letters Daily. The site is divided into three categories, Articles of Note, New Books (which provided in depth reviews of books that I would never actually read on my own), and Essays and Opinions. To be honest, I probably actually read perhaps 40% of what is provided. But I am usually impressed by what I read.

These are my secret internet places. So instead of sending me flowers and cards as I suffer in allergic anguish, I offer them as my gift to you. If you have a secret place that you visit, share it with me. I won't tell anyone.


  1. Ahhh, Springtime! When the flowers and allergies thrive! Sending you a Benadryl bouquet and hopes that you feel better soon.

    My favorite secret internet place seems to be Google. It answers every question I throw at it. But don't tell - everyone just thinks I have all the answers.

  2. This here is one of the places I like to visit very much. I like it because I never know what to expect I will find, but whatever I find, I always come away edified with new information, clever ideas, and often a made up word or two. (Today I want to congratulate you on "iller" which will greatly please the rap community when I pass it on to them.)

    I am iller today too, all a'snuffle with springtime pollen. If you find an effective allergy product please post about it because I have to find one that works for me. And as a sidenote, I came here today with the express purpose of lying on the floor of your blog and throwing a tantrum until you wrote something... so I'm glad for both of us that this did not have to occur.

  3. The Refdesk sounds right up my alley...I'll check it out...thanks!

    Maybe there's a tip to an allergy cure on it!

  4. Well, Jerry, being iller hasn't slowed you down much!

    Are you sure you didn't make up the line "Gravity is not my fault. I voted for Velcro!" That sounds exactly like something you'd come up with!

  5. As if I could use more time on the internet. lol
    I have trouble reading so it takes lots of time, as does blogging.
    Allergies are the menace of our times. Hope you get some relief soon.
    So far I have no secret places but thanks for sharing yours.

  6. Ill

    There is SO much on the internet. Thanks for the link, I'll be checking it out.
    I hope you illness passes soon! My allergies are kicking up also!

  7. What a great link to Ref...can't wait to read, read, read....Thanks
    Eat raw will make it all better!

  8. Hope you feel better...and thanks for the tips.

  9. Get well soon!!
    And thanks for the heads up on love it!

  10. Well, I hope you feel better soon! I know my husband and daughter have been tortured by the allergy monsters as well, so we feel your pain! Hope you have a great day too despite your torture... :)

  11. Seems this is the only place to reach you so I'm hoping you are better as this is the long weekend. I'm also hoping the the dry weather causing awful fires are not in your neighbour hood. Here's hoping you are just fine.