Saturday, September 3, 2011

Persnickety Pics

There are times when you have to take the bullet by the horns and bite it. That is what I told myself when I poured my first cup of coffee this morning. So here I am writing in this here place even though I really don’t want to. As of late I have chosen to wrap myself in my finely woven cocoon and shun blog things simply because I wasn’t interested. This psychological malady is called Persnicketiness.

So I am faced with two choices. I either submit to Persnicketirization therapy which has something to do with a straight jacket and having to answer personal questions, or getting a second cup of coffee. Hold on a minute while I go to the kitchen.

I had to take a detour on my coffee venture to pee, and whilst peeing I had a flash of insight. Post pictures. Then I would have something to talk about.

If I step outside and look around before I have had my first cup of coffee, this is how things look to me.

This is our house, and you can tell it was taken a while back because the grass is green. That was back in olden times when we actually had water around here for the lawn. I hesitate to post this picture because someone may do something Googleish and find where I live. But sometimes you just gotta' trust people.

This is my office where I post this blog from. What can't be seen is the orange extension cord hanging down the back to supply power to my computer. Maybe if I get a bonus this year I can do something about the wiring in this place.

This is my backyard. As you can see, this lack of rain is really screwing up things up. 

These are our dogs, Buddy and Hutch. They just didn't seem themselves so we were preparing to take them to the vet.

Twelve years ago I decided to retire from doing spy things and take up a new career as an artist. This is my first painting that I called, 'The Painting of a Flower That Almost Looks Like a Photograph'.

This was my second attempt at painting. I called this 'The Painting of a Yellow Bowly Thing That Almost Looks Like a Photograph'.

I was never successful at this painting stuff because my potential customers would accuse me of cheating. I had to go back to spying.

This is what happens when my wife forces me to wear a stupid Santa Claus hat. Oh, I am the one that isn't smiling. That plastic stuff on my chest is there for a reason, but I have no idea what it is.

This is Buddy and Hutch again. You can see that the visit to the Vet was successful.

This is Strike Team Zebra as we were preparing to jump over the railing into Iraq. I am the handsome one on the left. The mission was successful and we received a lot of medals that I can't talk about, because that part is classified.

This is me in disguise.

This is what is called a Circle Picture. Notice the lack of corners. This was taken after my wife and I hiked Kilimanjaro.

I don't know why beautiful women keep jumping on to my lap!

This is Strike Team Gamma as we were preparing to jump into Yugoslavia. You will notice that I was the only one wise enough to wear blue so I would blend in with the sky, and white shoes so my feet would blend in with the clouds.

As you can see, sometimes in my profession I have to pose as a younger person.

This is me on an active mission that I can't talk about. 

This our house around Christmas....just to prove that we do get snow down here once every decade. The more astute among you will discern that this house doesn't look like the house pictures shown earlier. The reason is simple. We sometimes have to disguise our abode for security reasons.

This is just to prove that I didn't always have a beard.

There you have it. Persnicketiness is now cured.

Please delete these pictures after you have viewed them. For security reasons.


  1. There's nothing quite as refreshing as a good laugh with the morning's first cup of coffee! Love the photos ...

  2. You are so darn funny! Thanks for posting all the photos and for the glimpse into your life.

  3. Wow, you're house looks a bit "drafty." I think you might want to work on that after the wiring issue.

    And, I suppose, along with the plastic in your lap, the bows adorning your shirt were also there for a reason?

    I LOVED this post, Jerry. Perfect cure for Persnicketiness and for a long, long day.

  4. Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. Please don't forget your pills again. You know, the ones "they" gave you just before your jump.

  5. Hi - I came over from a Blog I Can't Mention.
    I'd leave a comment - but obviously I don't want to leave any traces of my reading today...

  6. Ah Jerry :) Another giggle rendered from one of your biggest fans :) Great pics, it must have been a refreshing walk down memory lane! Were you perhaps inspired by my photo blog? ;) I love the pic of you, your wife and the dogs! You know, I was experiencing the same sickness as you before simply posting pictures... You and I, we think alike I think! :) Ok, maybe not the spy thing.. Have a great week!

  7. Resourceful procrastinator, you are. And have I mentioned how much I love the argot you've put together here on this blog? "Persnicketirization"? "Do something Googleish"? (I live in constant fear of that one, actually.) "Circle Pictures"? "Strike Team Zebra" (I'm sure that one will crop up again)?

  8. it's amazing that so many skydivers forget to try and camoflage with the sky - did you have some green clothes in your backpack so you could blend with the grass?

  9. Hehehe...I love 'The Painting of a Flower That Almost Looks Like a Photograph'. The other one is okay, too, but I think you need to work on your composition a little more! :)

  10. I would complement you here and give you a mention on my blog, but then we'd have to kill each other....

  11. Well that was quite a journey. I'm tired keeping up with you. Didn't have my coffee. Will go get some now:) THANKS!

  12. Thanks for the good laugh. I especially loved the picture of the children looking up in awe.

  13. ah Jerry! I love it :)

    persnickety, eh? gotta remember that one.

  14. It's great to see someone's photographs accumulated over the decades. My wife is our archivist and putting together a monumental compilation of our lives from youth to old age. Wonderful.

  15. Funny post. Love! :) On a serious note, that first picture is pretty amazing. Where is that?

  16. This post was hilarious! Did the vet find out what turned your dogs into a sheep and a foal?