Saturday, October 8, 2011

Anything To Do With Bras Will Get You in Trouble

Good morning.


You are late this morning. It is already 5:30.

::Yawn:: I stayed up late. Went to bed at 10:30.

That is not late.

It is when I normally have to get up at 4:24. I usually go to bed around 9:30.


It is better than 4:15 or 4:30. If I set my alarm for those times I would be putting myself in a traditional time rut. By getting up at 4:24 I am signifying my protest at being forced to arise so early to get to work at 6:00 in the morning. I have principles ya' know.

You have to be at work at 6:00?

Well, it's better 'cause I can get more work done without the phone ringing and people hassling me.

So you choose to be at work at 6:00.

And I miss the traffic too.

So you are protesting your own decision by getting up at 4:24.

It's complicated. I am a believer in protesting. I even joined the Wall Street protest, or whatever they call it, here in Houston last Thursday.

You did?

Yeah, they were marching past my building so I figured it was my duty to march and shout with them for a block. It was a little confusing though. The guy next to me was holding a sign protesting the war and I don't think he was shouting what everyone else was shouting.

Did you get arrested?

No -- it was really dissappointing. Maybe I should have found a bra to burn or something. The cops were laughing and talking with the protesters and stopping traffic for them. Everyone seemed to have fun and someone was playing drums somewhere and someone had a bullhorn blaring something and the cops were smiling and going with the flow and TV cameras were dashing around and there was a news helicopter. This really wasn't what I expected. I even shouted, "End corruption" right in front of a cop, and he shouted "Right on!"

I guess we just don't know how to do it like New York does. No blood or arrests or anything.

You were about thirty years late for bra burning anyway.

Anything to do with bras will get you in trouble. Just look what happened to that school board member.

What are you talking about?

There was this guy that had been on the school board for quite a few years, and he figured that school board meetings were getting pretty boring. Since he liked to dab in magic tricks -- the kind of thing that you astound and amaze family and friends with. Since his friends always laughed when he performed his tricks, he figured that he would start a school meeting with a laugh. He had the best of intentions.

What does this have to do with bras?

Well, as the meeting started and the audiance was settling into their seats, he walked up to a female school board member and muttered some mumbo jumbo and did a waving of his hands, and magically seemed to pull her bra off through the sleeve of her blouse. Ta Da!

He did what?

He didn't really pull her bra off, it just looked like it. He ended up standing there with a bra dangling from one hand fully expecting laughter and glee and awe. I mean, it worked with his family and friends. What he received instead was dead silence and the female sitting there with her head buried in her hands.

My gosh.

I feel sorry for the guy. He was just trying to liven the meeting up. He ended up having to resign.

But you have to understand, sometimes going against the flow is hard. But it has to be done. It is that school board member and me against the establishment. It is marching in protest marches. It is setting your alarm clock at 4:24 in the morning. There needs to be more like us.

You are quite the radical.


You and your alarm clock against the establishment.


And this has been in depth interview with Jerry at a secret location in Texas where...

Don't tell them I am in Texas.

This is a stupid interview.

Well, I stayed up to late last night.


  1. Jer, I believe you just live-blogged the Occupy Houston event. Did you really join them? I'm so proud of you!

    And you'll never guess what I found on Facebook this morning. Better sit down for this. There's actually an OCCUPY MYRTLE BEACH (SC) group developing. Makes me wish I could either walk or sit for prolonged periods...drat this arthritis. I can play stand-around pretty good, though. Makes me feel young again.

  2. Maybe the guy should have picked someone with a better sense of humor for his magic trick, because that sounds awesome if you ask me.

    Way to stick it to the man, Jerry!

  3. Way to go Jerry! I participated in the Salt Lake protest, well, I thought about it but it was cold and raining and would have ruined my shoes, but dude, I so supported them from afar.

  4. Too funny. I needed something like this today.

  5. Yes, it's true....anything to do with bras WILL get you in trouble!

  6. We and OUR alarm clocks against the establishment. REVOLUTION!

  7. Every little protest helps. And school boards notoriously have no sense of humor whatsoever.

  8. Maybe that guy protesting the war slept in for his own protest?
    Seems to be a lot of protesting kicking off across the atlantic lately...

  9. That was delightfully silly.


    p.s. My own alarm clock is set for 5:22. :-) My own protest!

  10. We live in such a liberal part of the country. The Police in Portland Oregon can't make the Occupy Portland people move, but they more than willingly moved a few blocks to accommodate the Portland Marathon runners yesterday. I can imagine there were a lot of sports bras involved.

  11. Jerry, I had no idea you were so radical, being the blender you are. I think you must be one of those very complex personality types...

  12. Protest away! Especially if they inspire fun posts like this one! (P.S. I set my alarm clock on off-beat times, too! Currently, it's set at 6:18am)

  13. That was some bra-ha-ha that school board member got himself in. I can truly understand why you revere him. :D

    And that sounds about like Texas. Turn the whole thing into a tailgater while you're at it. ;)

    Thanks for the Thursday chuckle!

  14. This was an excellent way to start the day, beside the infrequent purchse of Dunkin' Donuts coffee. Does Texas run on Dunkin'?

  15. Well, with temperatures dipping at night, bra-burning might be a good way for demonstrators to stay warm in the cooler parts of the country.