Friday, November 4, 2011

Lara is Not as Pretty as...

Why are you so grumpy this morning?

Life is getting too rushed and complicated. We need to put a moratorium on stuff we have to do so we can concentrate on stuff we want to do.

I see, and how do we...

We can start by postponing Thanksgiving and Christmas one month. And stop software developers from developing for six months. And stop this financial insanity which forces faithful employees to work harder and longer hours right when the holidays are coming.

You are asking for a lot.

Do you realize that I now have to remember passwords? It's all because Firefox issued an upgrade to their browser package, and Billeo can't keep up. Billeo remembers my passwords for me and now Billeo is not compatible. I have been trying to get into this blog thing for days, and I finally remembered the password. That time could have been better used to prepare for the holidays which really sucks because our Christmas decorations were stolen.


Right out of that storage thing we rented. We had to have a storage space because we have so many decorations and lights because my wife thinks we can't have Christmas unless we are lit up and decorated like Disney World. Do you know how expensive Christmas stuff is? And I don't have time to worry about it because stupid work people are making me work harder and longer to meet some kind of artificial deadlines which shouldn't matter because we have to prepare for a party tomorrow night.

You are confusing me.

It is my wife's birthday and she couldn't do something simple like have a nice quiet meal in a nice quiet restaurant with a few family members. No -- she wants a Games Party -- and we have to dig out those games that have been hidden away for years with pieces probably missing. And then there is food and drinks, and oh yeah, we actually have to clean up the place.

It sounds like you...

And then I was thinking of Dr. Zhivago.

Why did I know that you were going to fly off in a different direction?

You remember Lara. Dr. Zhivago sexually harassed her right into bed.

Ah, you are weighing in a Mr. Cain's problems.

No. I'm weighing in on the duplicity in people's thinking. Zhivago snuck away from his wife, who I thought was prettier than Lara, and bedded Lara -- and who did everyone cheer for? Zhivago and Lara! Everyone was happy that he dumped the wife, who was really prettier than Lara. Ha! Rooting for infidelity!

I'm not sure that...

And look at House. He sexually harasses everyone within fifty miles, and everyone grins. It's duplicity I tell you. I'm not sure how he does that. If I were to sexually harass someone, they would just double up laughing. It is downright disheartening. I think I lack gravitas.

So, we should just ignore those Cain allegations?

Nah -- I just think that when people think it is shocking, they are forgetting how much they approve of House and cheer Zhivago and Lara, who is not as pretty as his Zhivago's wife.

Has anyone ever told you that you have a warped view of the world?

It's not that I like Cain's policies -- I think that are naive and absurd. But he seems like he would be an interesting fellow to have coffee with. I would like to see if he agrees with me about Zhivago's wife.

And what else would you like to talk about?

Quit asking all these questions. I have a lot to do and no time. There is the party and then Thanksgiving for about twenty people and we really need to get hot on those decorations. And I really need to write Billeo and Firefox. They really need to get their act together.  



  1. Dr. Zhivago? Dang, you're showing your age. I was in trouble with The Boss for the longest time over that movie and i didn't even know why. Being a history buff, I was more interesting in the historical aspect of it all. In my senior yearbook, I list Dr. Zhivago as my favorite moview. Took me forever to figger out that The Boss took a view from a different angle of the movie. Yep, she was there back then, and yep, I think I just showed my age too.

  2. I think it depends on which version of Zhivago you're referencing. I would not venture to say that Geraldine Chaplin was prettier than Julie Christie...with one, it was the cheekbones and with the other, it was the jawline. Depends on whether you're a cheekbone man or a jawline man, really.

    In the 2002 version, I'm pretty sure they picked Keira Knightley to play Lara because of that Julie Christy square jawline thing. Keira's more addictive than pretty, more striking-beautifully striking than classic-beautiful. Coincidentally, the lovely lady who played Tonya is named Alexandra Maria Lara. Odd, that.

  3. BTW, how DO you spell Christie/Christy, anyway?

  4. I agree with you about Cain. But only coffee!

  5. Wow. DR. ZHIVAGO takes me back -- I haven't seen the older version since my high school days.

    "Zhivago snuck away from his wife, who I thought was prettier than Lara, and bedded Lara -- and who did everyone cheer for? Zhivago and Lara!"

    I thought committing adultery was a pretty obnoxious, douchy thing for him to do, regardless of how the film depicted it.

  6. *hanging my head in shame* I've never seen the movie - either version. Now I have to add it to my (mostly unwritten) list of all the things I still need to do....thanks!

    But, I'm with you. Let's postpone the holidays and bar developers from developing and, while we are at it, make time stand still; because - dammit - it is moving too darn fast for my liking.

  7. Brilliant! I love Dr.Zhivago and I agree with you about his wife!

  8. Only thing I remember about the movie was Omar Sharif keeled over in the end. Now. Where do I sign up for my sexual harassment?

  9. I didn't see DZ, but I cheer for the wife anyway!!!! And not to alarm you....but now you have less daylight with which to get your things done. What with Daylight Savings Time and all. So you better get moving! :) Good luck!!

  10. I had not seen the Dr. Z thing, but you know people are RARELY ever smart about who they choose to cheat with. The grass is NEVER greener on the other side... As for the holidays, I totally get your beefs! I don't know that moving them out a month would do any good, but it's not like anyone else is making suggestions... ;) It is a stressful time of year, but I am sure you'll get through it with flying colors. :) May your wife have an excellent birthday free of grumpyness and strife and a year to beat all other years! :) You have a wonderful week!

  11. The Dr.Z thing aside, I think there are a lot of flip-flopped issues out there and you sure hit on a bunch of them (in that blending, thought provoking way you do).

  12. You are a funny and deep guy Jerry!
    I tend to ponder also, but it's usually about what cereal I'm going to have for breakfast the next day.

  13. "And stop software developers from developing for six months."

    Amen to that!

  14. I'm with Nance!
    Caroline xx