Saturday, February 18, 2012

Artic Blast

I’m pretty sure…I think I am. I think I saw four snowflakes blowing across the tundra – uh, the pavement in downtown Houston. Doubt me? I have independent verification.

“This is stupid…but I think I saw a snowflake.” That’s what he said.

But then here comes science to put a damper on faith and belief in the goodness of things. “Bullshit!” the pseudo-scientist said. “It is nowhere cold enough to snow!” We need to work on his grammar.

I kept looking if for no other reason than to prove him wrong.

I’ve was looking forward to yesterday – the day of the Artic Cold Front. Actually this forecast was upgraded by the forecasters yesterday on Channel 11. “The Artic Blast will hit around 9:00 a.m. causing temperatures to plummet.” Artic Blast. I like that better than Artic Cold Front. The term ‘blast’ was apropos. At 9:00 a.m. yesterday temperatures did indeed plummet, accompanied by high winds. In Canada those winds would probably be classified as a delicate breeze. In Kansas they would have been called a ‘wind’. Down here they were called a “friggin’ force-5 hurricane’. Downtown people were nudging themselves around light poles to keep from being blown around.

This windy stuff contributed to something – and I don’t want to get to technical here – called ‘wind chill’. It was thirty-eight degrees at 4:00 yesterday afternoon, and with the wind it felt like approximately minus 762-degrees. For my Canadian friends, this is below 0-degrees Celsius. Today is better. The wind has died down. My car thermometer kept bouncing back and forth between 32 and 33-degrees. I could imagine my car whispering to itself, “I’m freezing. I’m not. I’m freezing.  I’m not.”

And as I drove in to my half-day work this morning, I considered those football players that wear short-sleeved jerseys while playing in frigid weather. Part of it is to show how tough they are. I once heard a player say that it was invigorating. As I thought about this during my drive, I figured that I needed some invigoration. So I rolled down my window and let the 32/33-degree weather whip across me. I wanted to experience what those football players felt. It only took 90-seconds for me to become Really Invigorated. But I think that I now have bonded with them.

Speaking of bonding, I’ve written my congressman. I think that we need to become closer to our Canadian friends – share experiences a little. So I suggested that we pass a law to adopt the really-weird Celsius temperature thing in the summer, but keep our old fashioned Fahrenheit in the winter. Think about it. If it is 85-degree Fahrenheit, to a Canadian it is only 29-degrees. If we realized that it was only 29, we wouldn’t feel damn hot. I haven’t heard back from him.

But being Artic Blasted provided me with the perfect excuse to have a bowl of chili for lunch. Someone told me that the chili at Jason’s Deli was pretty good – so I tried it and it was pretty good.

Actually I wrote this a while back during one of our cold fronts, but never got around to publishing it. Today, February 18th, it is 60-degrees and it has been raining a lot. I just needed to remind myself that sometimes in winter it actually does gets cold here.


  1. This winter has been extremely mild - and I'm not complaining one bit! Although my son is. Apparently, as a Senior, he wouldn't have to make up any snow days. And wouldn't you know it, we haven't had one yet this year.

    FYI, the tuna sandwich at Jason's is really good too.

  2. I suppose that no matter when you wrote that, Jerry, 32 degrees would definately be cold in Houston. Any day we get above zero (32F) here in Newfoundland is a good day. It hadn't occured to me that the term 'wind chill' would ever be uttered in Texas...

  3. Well, I was feeling kind of connected there for a minute, all the way up here in Michigan, as we have a 20 percent chance of snow showers. Mostly cloudy, with a steady temperature around 30. North northwest wind between 13 and 16 mph, with gusts as high as 23 mph.
    ...but then I read the last paragraph...I'm feeling more envious than connected...;)

  4. LMBO!!! Oh perspective... you have such a great sense of humor! Loved ALL of this Jerry :)

  5. Actually Jerry you were right. Yes, it probably was too cold for snow to stick but I have seen a few snowflakes when the temperature is in the mid 40's. I blame it on those damnable shrieking winds!

  6. Your post has me stuck on chili and now to get it off my mind I'll be making some for dinner. What a warm connection:)
    P.S. It's zero today and we are experiencing snow showers.

  7. Mr. Froth is always saying HOW BRUTAL OUR WINTERS ARE! We laugh. Having grown up in Wisconsin...that's why we're here.

    Today was a gully washer, though, which is better than wildfires any day.

  8. 29 degrees in the summer?I wouldn't know how to dress, it would be a disaster, please don't do that to me!

  9. Maybe your car was really going "brrr..ah! brrr...ah! brrr...ah!" which my car does most of the time, although I never understood it before. Hey, you really getting rain? I heard tell y'all needed that. Maybe Rick Perry finally got through to the Almighty.

  10. Got tickled at your bonding attempt with the NFL. I too wonder how they look so comfortable in frigid weather. Kind of like when a baseball player gets drilled with a 98 mph ball, he just tosses his bat and trots to first base. They don't even rub the owie. Dang, athletes are super human.
    Fun post.

  11. All I can say is BRRRR!!!!
    Around here, when the wind chill gets down to about 65 degrees. I'm almost tempted to put a long sleeve shirt on. I almost did exactly that the other day! Some folks might think our weather is boring, but I like not wearing long pants for months at a time...
    I'm sorry!