Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Option 5 -- Help Needed to Prevent Severe Buffdlement

I am befuddled, and I should put that in my profile and on my resume because that pretty much describes who I am. But now my befuddlement has reached its peak.

I like it when things are straightforward and not a lot of thinking is required. But this here Blogger thing is going to make me start drinking.


All I want to do is leave a comment on another person's blog. That is all I ask. When I get into this blog site I sign in with my Google account name and password, and that is pretty simple for me. Then I begin reading someone's blog and I get all animated and excited about leaving a comment. I hurriedly write with enthusiastic brilliance and click on PUBLISH. But then it asks me to provide an account and even provides a drop down list for me. I don't know why it asks this because stupid Google should know who I am. But I play the game and click on GOOGLE ACCOUNT, hit PUBLISH, and my comment disappears!

Okay, I try again...but I am less enthusiastic. I re-write the comment, only this time I choose NAME AND URL from the drop down list. It asks me what my name and URL is.....and I cautiously provide this information. Then I click PUBLISH.....and the damn thing disappears again.

Okay -- maybe that particular blogger's comment thing is screwed up, even though they have nine comments from other people. I go to someone else...and run into the same problem.


1. Start drinking.

2. Reboot my computer. I don't know why. Every time I call IT at work for a computer problem, they tell me to reboot my computer. It didn't work.

3. Maybe the blogger doesn't like me and has set up barricades and won't let me in. So consider Option 1.

4. I am targeted by Google, the NSA, the FBI, and QVC and they are coming after me. Perhaps I should just go outside and raise my hands above my head and shout "I give up". But if I did that Marilyn would holler, "While you're out there go ahead and take down the Christmas lights".

5. Ask for help. This can cause extraordinary befuddlement because someone is going to say, "Boy are you stupid. You are supposed to....." and I will feel really dumb. Or even worse, someone will say, "What you need to do is go into your registry and delete all references to NSA and then type in '\\**neo-repair//' and then pull your motherboard and reset your xfd memory stack -- but be sure to ground yourself or your toes will tingle. Then I will feel even dumber.

I am hesitantly asking for option 5 and hoping for the best.

All you blogger people think I don't like you because I am not commenting. 'Tis not true...well, pretty much not true.

I thank you in advance for your solution presented as if you were talking to a fifth grader.


  1. Jerry, what you need is a fourth grader. He can fix it for you.

  2. This has happened to me before! Sometimes, if you sign out and sign back in again, it will work. Sometimes, I just end up leaving an anonymous comment by not signing in, if it will let me.

    I would suggest, after writing your comment and before hitting "publish", you select the whole thing and click copy. Since you'll be prepared for it not to work, it will certainly work.

  3. Welcome to the ranks of "befuddlement".

  4. I wish I had the answer for you - but, personally, I think it's not you but Blogger that is acting up. I've had that problem before, but not lately (knock wood).

  5. Wish I could help but it gets me too! My biggest problem is Captcha, I never seen to get them right.

  6. I feel your pain, having similiar probs for quite a while. I am not dead - yet. Just have to log off, sign in, log on, repeat so many time I have forgotten what I had wanted to say. Finally tool the whole mess to the GEEK who thinks I may be good now. No tellin.....

  7. PS I had to get a google account and leave that signed in as well....eeeeeeeeeeek

  8. I'm no help...but I sure do wonder about the awesome comment that Google ate! :)

  9. Chris of the WoodworkJanuary 2, 2013 at 2:48 PM

    Jerry, your comment is waiting to be approved by the writer of the blog. Once it is approved it will appear. Blogger usually tells you that after you submit the comment, but I'm not sure other formats do.

    Hope this helps!

  10. Chris of the WoodworkJanuary 2, 2013 at 2:50 PM


    I'd go for Option 1 and the heck with the rest!

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  12. When this happens, I just pick the name/url option, and type in my name. Seems to work. But since you're blogging through blogspot, you should be able to set your google options so that you automatically get identified.

    Keep tinkering. It will happen.

  13. if you are leaving a comment and you are sent to re-sign in on Google, there is a button that you click that says to keep you signed in - DON'T CLICK IT!!! There is no logic to that, I know, but don't click it and your comments will not disappear.

  14. Hi Jerry!
    For me, option #1 is always in effect.
    I had a ton of problems with comments for a long time. A few months ago, everything got better. I have no idea why, but it did. I wish I had an answer for you.


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  16. Jerry, hopefully you figured it out, but I agree with Terri and Chris of the Woodwork. May your frustrations be few! :)

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