Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Google Won't Let Go of Me

Okay, I don't know how I got here...and it took me an hour to do so.

I was all set to write an insightful blog about birds that I was going to title 'Flibbertigibbet' which is not the scientific name for a bird species but it looks like it could be.

But I could not get to my blog. I somehow fought my way in this time, but it was hard and confusing and I don't remember how I did it.

You see, I created this blog with a Yahoo.com username a long time ago.

Then the other day I went and signed up for GMail, which is like signing up for a little camping trip and suddenly finding out that you joined the Army. I just wanted GMail because I thought it might be a bit better than Yahoo. But now they want control of all of me.

Anyway, every time I tried to sign on to my blog, it tried to sign me in with my GMail account and wouldn't let me sign in with my Yahoo account.

So I Googled (paradoxically) Google about the problem. Google told me not to sign in with my GMail account but use my Yahoo account instead. I sputtered and spit as I hoarsely screamed that the stupid system won't let me do that and that is why I asked you how to do it!!!

I think this is psychological warfare.

I have cleared my password cache which solved nothing. I have signed out of Google completely (that means that I signed out of my GMail) and tried to sign into my blog.....but there was that damned GMail address again.

I use Last Pass which is a password remembering program. I went into Last Pass and creating an entry for my blog with my yahoo sign-on figuring that I could fling my way into my blog directly from there. Well it flung me....right into a sign-on with my GMail account. I don't understand how that happened.

So now I ask you Google Aficionados, how do I sign into blogspot with my yahoo id without gmail getting in the way?

I think I will keep my blog open and not sign out until I understand how to get back in.

And no, I have no problems making this a GMail ID blog instead of a Yahoo ID blog, but I am afraid to screw around with it and lose everything.

Thoughts? Advice? 


  1. I stay logged in a lot of the time. BUT, if I am logged out and go to my page, Blogger will let me comment if I click the little google account thing with my name on the comment thingy, and Viola! I am mysteriously signed in to my account again. I never had my Yahoo account attached to Blogger, that I can remember, anyway.

    I have participated on the blogs for around 8 years (I think) having had a couple before my current one. Blogger has been frustrating for me to one extent or the other since I began. I don't think I was born in the right era ... Is definitely warfare.

  2. Read buzz.blogger.com. As stated they changed things around and you'll likely have to find a more savy friend to help you. Seems they need all to have gmail connect to friends now but they failed to say what happens with one's blog:(
    I can no longer post photos from my devices. That seems to be partly due to Apple changing from iPhoto to photos. We are being controlled by these massive companies in ways we never saw coming:(
    I am beginning to hate all forms of "smart" media!
    I get ads pushed at my face according to what I searched moments earlier. My keyboard switches to German mode the moment it figures out I'm writing a German set of words but fails to go back to English when I'm done:(
    Good luck.

  3. Try adding yourself as a friend to your posts in friends connect?

  4. I never sign out. And I have my blogger page bookmarked.

  5. I feel your pain, once Google gets a hold of you it's hard to get back out. But, when I started my blog, I was also using a Yahoo ID. Eventually, I had to switch because my android phone refused to forward any emails to Yahoo. Now that you are IN your blog, you may want to go to your settings and change your email settings (I think they are in a couple of places) and that should fix your problem. Now whatever you do, stay away from Google Plus (you automatically have that now that you have GMail); that places scare me.

    By now means am I an expert, but feel free to email me with questions and I'll try to help you figure this out.

  6. Hi Jerry!
    Sorry it took me so long to get over here after I read your comment. I haven't been posting much myself. Due primarily to my laziness and a major medical issue.

    As to your problem. I have no freaking idea!
    I also never sign out of blogger and although Google gave me a Goggle+ account that I never asked for, I refuse to use it. It seems like they make a lot of decisions for us these days.

    One day, Google and Amazon are going to have war to see who rules the world. Mark my words...

    Hope you are doing well my friend!

  7. Missing your posts Dad, hope we can read some new ones soon. Love you.

  8. Okay Jerry! It's been long enough...