Saturday, January 9, 2010

They Call This A Blog

They say that everyone has one. But when I talk with my friends and coworkers I find that is not true. What is true though is that there are a lot of blogs out there. I’ve rummaged through a few of them and I find some are silly, some dismal, some exciting, a lot are boring, a few intriguing and intelligent, and I have found one or two delightfully entertaining. I guess this mirrors the people I know – so maybe it is a reflection of what is around me.
I’m not particularly brave or adventurous when it comes to web stuff. It is not so much lack of daring, but more lack of interest. I ended up using this Google-sponsored Web Log simply because I stumbled upon it and it seemed pretty simple. Yes, already I am finding stuff here that befuddles me – but I figure that in time I will accidentally figure it out. I am not a particular fan of Google. I am a little uncomfortable with their information retention policies. But for now, here I am.
I don’t use, nor do I foresee using Face Book or Twitter or anything else online as a communication vehicle. I do write an occasional email. This blog will allow me to write. I enjoy writing almost more than anything else. I don’t presume to write well, but I find it a wonderful stress reliever and on those rare occasions when my words truly reflect my thoughts, I find it is an incredible high. In short, writing is fun.
So here it is, gently said.


  1. Wonderful job Grandpa Jerry, now I know why Terrence loves to read and write stories, hopes that our little Audei received that from you and Daddy. Love those pieces already !!! Thanks for sharing them with us !!!
    We love you.

  2. One of the biggest surprises for me when I began reading blogs (which was also when I began writing in a blog) is how many are boring, silly, etc. It actually made me worry about modern-day culture; the same way I feel when watching Jerry Springer or some of the 'reality' TV shows.

    I've often had trouble enjoying cocktail-party conversations -- and wondered if it's me being too introverted. But all this makes me think that maybe it's not me, it's them.