Saturday, January 22, 2011

An Entanglement of Paradoxes

This was a week of events and it is hard for me to get my head around them. When I don't understand something I turn to key resources to find an explanation. So I tuned in to Murr Brewster, who I use as my own personal Wikipedia and happens to be the best blogger writer in the universe and is a concert pianist and if she were also a ballerina she could be Condoleezza Rice (who is a concert pianist and ex-ballerina and did some other stuff too) except for the fact Murr is a damn liberal and I don't think Condoleeezza is. So Murr explained the Horoscope fiasco to me.
Not Murr

You see I was a Moon Child, which sounds better than Cancer, not that I believe any of that crap. If you were to ask anyone who knows me and tell them that I was a Moon Child they would nod their head knowingly and say, "Yep. He is definitely the easy going, thoughtful type." I think I maybe read my Horoscope three times in my life and if it didn't say I was going to come into money I ignored it because I don't believe any of that crap. But all of my life when I had to make life decisions I always seemed to veer off in the Moon Childy direction. Once I even looked up into the heavens trying to figure out where Cancer the Crab was but could only find the Little Dipper but that's okay because I don't believe any of that crap.

My whole life I have been a Moon Child and I now find that my whole life has been a lie.

Today I find that I am a Gemini.which I learn is 'an entanglement of paradoxes'. Well, that's just great. That is like going to the psychiatrist thinking that I am a calm, cool and collected dude only to find out that I am a great big mess. Does this mean that all of the life pathways I chose are wrong? Does this mean that I may have to get a divorce because I may now be incompatible with my wife? Are others going to start detecting subtle personality shifts?

Thank God I don't believe any of that crap.

The second event of the week was that I saw that video of that woman walking along in the mall while texting on her phone and tripped into the mall fountain. This is something that I would do if I knew how to text. It is humorous and silly and embarrassing and the video quickly went viral and maybe someone, somewhere learned that it is better to text while standing still.

Sometimes opportunity knocks. There are two directions this could go. One is acceptance and embracing a new opportunity much like a Moon Child would. The other is sinking into the dark side of paradox as a Gemini might.

Here was the opportunity to laugh, show off her video, and become the spokesperson of Texting Stupidity. The video is funny and she should know it is funny and use it as a launching pad for a new direction in life. Of course Oprah and Good Morning America would want to interview her and she could have had a fun and important message to be shared. A simple way to turn an embarrassment into a positive experience.

Instead she is suing the mall for releasing the security video which I'm sure caused her irreparable mental anguish and now makes all of America mutter, "What an ass. She must be a Gemini."


So I'm glad the week is over and the events are now history and I can now get busy on important stuff like writing recipes for my new recipe blog which, if you are astute, you will find a link to at the top right hand side of the page. And if you are really astute you will find that I spent an intense four seconds changing the layout of my blog. I clicked on a new design tab. I've been here for a year now and I figured it was time to change clothes and put on some fresh deodorant.


  1. Okay, I don't believe any of that horoscope 'crap' either, but I did notice your new look right off. Change is good... I'm going to look for a scalloped potato recipe!

  2. I noticed the new look right away - so that makes me really astute!

    I heard about that woman & her silly lawsuit. She should be more embarrassed by that than the silly video.

  3. I haven't seen the mall video yet but I'm going to look for it. I don't think the woman should sue the mall, though, 'cuz I don't really believe in any of that crap.

    I do like your new blog look though, Jerry.

  4. I also noticed the new look right away - looks good! Does that mean I am especially astute? I don't believe any of that horoscope crap either. Although I did just go and check to see if my characteristics and sign had changed - it didn't (whew! I was real worried..) As for the woman, well there's an idiot born every day now isn't there? And in the beautiful but self entitled US apparently there are new laws which state that we have the right to never feel embarrassed or be made fun thing you know, 5 year olds will be suing each other for calling each other monkey butts and dork face. Of course then there will need to be detectives hired to find out who said it first... :) What a nice feeling knowing a Virgo like myself would NEVER do such a thing! HAHAHAHA!!! ;)

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by and giving your thoughts, I always love hearing from you! :)

  5. I'm a virgo! To be moved to ANY other sign is simple not acceptable. Not that I buy into any of that crap!

  6. Ha! I actually always thought I was a Scorpio. And since I did I don't have to do anything over!!

    PS can't wait to check out your recipes! Always looking for something new and exciting.

  7. Just stumbled in, but delightful post. I like how you write.

    (I moved from Capricorn to Sagittarius. I do hope it won't affect my future... HA!)


  8. So you are the one who took my Gemini and kicked me back to Taurus Ha Ha

    I like changing the blog around from time to time, nice change Jerry

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  10. Jerry I found you through Pearl and I'm glad I did. You are amusing my friend. I actually laughed out loud. Of course that may be just because I am now a Cancer, but whatever.


  11. Hey Jerry...I AM a Gemini! When you are a Gemini you are quick witted, express yourself well on all levels. You have a great sense of humor and many talents. When you are a Gemini, you get two personalities instead of only one, like the rest of the Zodiac. You are fun, sharp on the uptake, and everyone usually likes you right away.

    Not that I am an authority of anything, but I never would have pegged you for a Moon Child.

    Not to throw you into a tizzy, but my friend who does astrology charts, says the sun sign (Gemini) is a general description of your personality. Your moon represents your moods and how you love. Your Rising sign is your aspirations and motivations....and there is more...

    I wouldn't plan my life around it but I did find it entertaining.

    Just for kicks, you should have your chart done. You just might be surprised...and find it interesting. Oh yeah, you are also inquisitive...

  12. I actually got into a heated argument with someone this very weekend about Astrology. How people in the 21st century can believe any of that shit is beyond me and I have no patience for them.

    I could never figure out what "signs" people saw in random points of light in the night sky, let alone that they could divine unique personality quirks out of them for the 6.7 BILLION people on the planet. I blogged about this very silliness last May. Incredible.

  13. You startled me with the layout change, and when I saw Murr's photo at the top of your page I recognized her (because I read her too) and thought I had accidentally gone to her page instead of yours. Very clever, you prankster, you. Typical Gemini-type shenanigans.

    Oh how I love the story of the texting-tripping woman. I wonder what the mall did with the video of me walking into the plate glass window...? (I wasn't texting... just not very observant.)

  14. I like your new look!

    I never thought of recipes in terms of writing them. Are you making it as you write or just sitting at a desk making it up? The reason I ask is that I heard Paula Deen say that she wrote a recipe in bed late one night and sent it to a cookbook without ever having tried it. Can we trust you to try yours?

  15. I was shocked to hear that I'm no longer a Virgo. Not that I believe in any of that, but I kind of liked being a Virgo. Now I'm a Leo and from what I've read, I'm nothing like a Leo, so I'm just going to pretend I'm still a Virgo.

  16. I think there's something about the new chart change that doesn't take effect unless you were born after 2009 or something like that. If it doesn't, there are going to be plenty of upset people with astrological sign tattoos....

  17. Once a LEO always a LEO, not that I believe in any of that ....!
    Like your new look.

  18. I did the same thing Mischief did--ambled over here to see what was up and found my own mug at the top of the page and got all confused, but it doesn't stop there, Jer. Because you have spent your four seconds picking the exact same template and colors I was going to pick, back when I was going to pick some, and before I decided to head the other direction, back towards the 19th century.

    Anyway thanks for the compliments--total Moon Child behavior, I'm sure. And before you make me your personal Wikipedia, be it known that sometimes I make shit up.

  19. I have tripped over/ran into something while texting. It never ocurred to me to sue someone else because I'm clutzy and wasn't paying attention. Damn. A lifetime of missed opportunities. It must be because I've been reading the wrong horoscope my whole life. Good thing, I don't believe in all that crap.

    As always, you are effortlessly entertaining. I've missed reading your blog.


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