Saturday, May 28, 2011

Too Connected

It is with great hesitation that I admit that my wife and I have new cell phones. I have had many objections to these new fancy gadgets and my primary objection was the absurd cost to use the darn things. It seemed that the only way to get a phone at a decent price was to enroll in some kind of plan that would lock you into an exorbitant monthly cost. And then when you finally got one you were sucked into a world of texting and apps and other crazy stuff that piled on more costs and attention. So I resisted even thinking about it and relied on my simple little phone that knew only how to allow me to talk now and then.

It was when my wife and I figured that it would probably be smart for us each to have a phone for no other reason than it would allow us to find each other if we got lost in the mountains of Utah or in the jungles of a Las Vegas casino.

So I investigated and finally broke down and purchased two phones for us online. 

That is a picture of it to the right. Yes, yes -- it has a keyboard. Each phone cost $29 and there is no monthly contract. We pay about $30 every three months to buy prepaid minutes, which is plenty ample for our use.

It is also with great hesitation that I admit that I have texted on this phone. This was primarily to send messages and pictures, yes -- it takes pictures, to the kids. I now have the ability to get online and to download apps -- neither of which I am particularly interested in doing.

My kids sort of smirk at this turn of events, as if I have finally come over to the dark side or something.

My briefcase was filled with electronic gadgets and chargers while traveling. Let's see, two cell phones, a small camcorder, a digital camera and chargers for everything. The TSA showed great consternation when my briefcase would pass through security. It seems that they had to call a supervisor over to verify that a battery charger was in fact not some kind of detonator. I'm glad that they didn't pick up one of the gadgets and ask me to demonstrate it. Trying to remember which gadget needed which button to push to turn it on might have been a challenge.

Soon I face the daunting task of trying to delete my Facebook site. It seems that a couple or so years ago I set myself up there...and when I got a handle on what it was all about I wanted to get out of there. I went back in and deleted myself out of the whole thing. It seems that the damn thing didn't delete. This was a problem with Facebook for quite a while -- it wouldn't let you delete yourself. Now it seems that this stirred up a bit of controversy, so I understand I can now actually do it. I get emails daily of people that somehow connected to me on Facebook. The other day I went in and saw that I had 900 people, with pictures, somehow attached to my site. I don't know who these people are, and honestly, I don't want to know these people. So now I have the daunting task of once again trying to wipe myself out of Facebook. I can do it. I know I can.

So now I am off to downloading vacation pictures and videos and getting myself organized. 

Be good.


  1. Jerry, don't count on using that or any phone in the mountains of Utah LOL. When my husband and I used to travel way before the day, we took two vehicles because of our large family, and because he combined vacation with work so was hauling machinery. And we would use CB's like the truckers.

  2. My hubby opened a Facebook for us a couple days ago but it was only so we could reach a particular Facebook page. We too had tried Facebook a couple years ago and neither of us liked it so we dumped it. Enough already. I only want to blog, have a cell phone for emergencies, a landline for local calls and a digital camera. I'm a happy camper with just this.

  3. Oh too funny :) I love all my gadgets, but still believe that even if all of it went down somehow leaving the whole world unconnected (so to speak) I'd still be ok :)

  4. I love, love, love my smart phone. Facebook? That I could easily live without. I only keep it because that is the ONLY way some friends communicate. If you can't figure out how to delete it there is a way to stop it from sending you all those annoying email notifications. Once you turn those off you can just forget you've even have an account.

  5. Congratulations on your new phones. The best use I find for mine is when my husband loses me in a department store. Then I can phone him and yell at him for wandering off. Or be yelled at for wandering off, whichever. It's wonderful. Sometimes I don't even need the use the minutes because I can hear him ringing a few aisles over and hang up before he picks it up. I also enjoy phoning him from inside the sauna to tell him I am naked. You might enjoy your new phones more than you think. As for Facebook, will you reconsider deleting yourself if I send you a "Friend Request"? :)

  6. My buddy's daughter chided him because he still had a "flip" phone. Frankly I kind-a like them, I know when it's connected and when it's not.

    My son-in-law got me an I-phone; no phone service, just Internet. The keyboard is too small for me to type without errors one-fingered, I can't see the small text and the games are moronic.

    I don't understand texting; I can talk a half-page of information in 8 seconds. Why would I want to type all that out? It's a PHONE forgodsake!

    I kept the I-phone, my grandson plays games on it. I have a flip phone - I talk on it.

  7. Still no cell phone here. I like having all my gadgets leashed to the walls so they will behave themselves.

  8. Oh, dear. Another one bites the dust. You are eroding my will to hold out and refuse those phones and shame on you!

    During a recent visit, my daughter showed me that her phone came loaded with several classic e-books. Since she can't afford to purchase any books that suit her taste, now that she pays for the phone, she's just resorted to reading the ones that were pre-loaded.

    And she kinda likes 'em! Not Anne Patchett or her usual fare, but Dickens and Henry James-ish sorts of things.

    That, right there, wore my resistance nearly to a thread and here you come temptor, you.

  9. But can you make a phone call on it? Living far from the kids makes FB a great way to share pictures and the day to day. Having a camera on the phone is fun, too, although I have a hard time finding the camera itself. These things are just too confusing. It's generational, I think.

  10. New phones? Uhhhh,, I have my old new phone,,still,, a "Razor", broken face and wore out case. It ring,,I say hello.. that's all pholks...

  11. Unbeknownst to his parents, our 10-year-old grandson set up a Facebook page and within days, had almost 1,000 people waiting to be his friend. My daughter had it off the map within minutes. We'll have to put her onto yours. :)

    My phone is older than most of my grandchildren, by my son just gave me an iPad. I can already tell I'm in deep doodoo. He has me set up in Scrabble games and Angry Birds.

  12. I've gone from hating cell phones to loving the droid I bought. BUT (a big but), I refuse to either send of recieve text messages.