Friday, May 29, 2015

Cyber Seniors - In One Chunk

I am older. Somehow that seems more palatable than saying I am old. But maybe that is why I was attracted to a little show called Cyber Seniors.

I was perusing Netflix to see if there was any new stuff they were offering me, and I actually did find something . The show Cyber Seniors was described as a documentary in which high school kids teach old codgers about the internet. It sounded as if it would be delightful to watch in small chunks. I do that sometime – pick a show that I can watch fifteen or twenty minutes, shut it off for a couple of hours or days, then come back and watch another chunk. And the idea of high school kids becoming involved with Senior Citizens appealed to me.

Actually I watched it in one big chunk.

Cyber Seniors is not flashy. It is simply tells the story of retirement home people trying to understand what the internet is, and the story of 15 and 16 year old kids trying to teach it to them. An exchange of culture and mores that had some hilarious pitfalls
She was 93 years old. “I went to, but my email wasn’t there!”

She was 87 and murmured, “I don’t think I like Facebook. I wouldn’t want to dislike anybody!”

He rose in horror:
“No. I don’t want my photos imploded!”
“No Sir, they are uploading, not imploding!”

Mouse. Login. Password. Escape. Internet Explorer. Firefox. Save. Delete.Website.Email….and on and on – all foreign concepts to those who haven’t grown up with computers and the internet.

“What do you think about those Senior Citizens? Do you think there really is a generation gap?
“There is a huge generation gap! It’s crazy – but they are kinda’ cool. You know…like they’re people.”
“Now Ma’am, this is You Tube and you can see videos here. Even Music Videos.”
“You mean, people singing.”
“Yeah. Is there a song you would like to hear?”
“Well…oh, oh, yes. ‘The Hallelujah Chorus’. You know it don’t you?”
“Your music education is lacking, young lady.”

Soon, everyone in the nursing home was singing to the Hallelujah Chorus.
The Rapping Senior

Someone got the bright idea of having the seniors make You Tube videos. They would have a contest, and whoever got the most hits would win and be honored at a party. Brilliant.

For we got to see how a lady prepares her snacks….she uses an iron to make grilled cheese sandwiches and puts corn on the cob into a coffee urn to boil them. Or an 90 year old lady rapping (and she initially didn’t know what a rap was) about how she still had all her teeth.

Cyber Seniors. Not a lot of production quality here…..just a lovable, poignant, laughable story. If you are an old codger, you can relate. If you are a teenager, you too can relate to the rolling eyes and muffled guffaws. 

I liked it.


  1. This definitely sounds like something I would enjoy. I'll be looking for it.

  2. Much like me at work trying to relate to my students. A couple of weeks ago they taught me what a "vine" is. Apparently it is not something where grapes grow after all.

  3. Dang,,,it is great to see you're still kicking,,, seems like we all have been in our "senior" moments... hope to see you out more often...has the water gone down in the Big "H" yet? ...glenn

  4. Thanks, I'll add it to my queue! I love documentaries.

    I was actually thinking about starting a non-profit volunteer group that goes around to nursing homes and helps the residents get online. I had the idea after I spent some time in my grandma's nursing home, watching her die. My mom was fortunate enough to visit her every day, but my grandma's roommate hadn't had a visitor in the whole three years she'd lived there - and her children were all less than an hour away. It broke my heart. I thought that, if someone could come in and show her how to connect to Facebook, then she could see her grandkids and they could see her and then maybe they'd remember that she exists and could be a part of their lives.

    Anyway, I'd like to watch this for research.

    Again, it's so good to see you blogging!

  5. Jerry!!! My goodness it's been too long! And yes, I do remember you :) You are one of those people who even though we've never personally met, I'll never forget! :)

    This sounds like a fun show - I've had more encounters with the older generation who want nothing to do with the internet and think they're "too old" to learn...what a bunch of rubbish lol But I absolutely love when I find people who love to learn at any age! This sounds like a really cute show to watch.

    You know what else I love? When I'm driving along at my usual 5-8 miles an hour over the speed limit and I get passed by a 70-90 year old! I never get mad, I always smile, laugh and cheer them on "You go grandma/grandpa!! You rock!!".

    Anyway, my writer kinda dried up, so I haven't been writing (obviously). These days, my writer has been used for papers for school! Yup, I'm going to school to get an associates in IT (just started last month). So far it's going really well, except that I procrastinate more than I should, but I have all A's on my work so far :) But I'll try and come visit your page more often. You always make me smile!

    Much love,

    Adrielle Bollin

  6. By the way, if you are on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, look me up and we can chat there too if you want sometime - I'd give you my e-mail here, but I'm pretty sure the SPAM trolls would find it and then my junk mailbox would explode...

    Adrielle Bollin

  7. Yes seniors are getting on board more and more. Many can be found taking one on one lessons at the Apple store during the daytime. In senior homes I guess it depends on the type of fascility.
    And up here in the GTA area of Ontario many seniors opt to stay home now. Theyvare given home services.