Friday, March 25, 2011

Elleana and Friends

Way back a year and some months ago when I was younger than I am now I began this blog. My wife blabbed about it to my daughter and my daughter sent out a loving and darling email to the family that said something like: "Oh my God! Dad is writing a blog. My technologically inept Dad who thinks cell phones were invented on Star Trek is actually writing a blog!....."

One would think, after that moving tribute, that she would be an avid follower devouring every entry and would daily be gasping for more. So imagine my surprise when she casually mentioned the other day that she would like the address of my blog. It seems that with the vagaries of life that my blog URL slipped away about...."Oh, I don't know -- a year or so ago."

Elleana, that is the kids' name, mentioned this in front of a group of her friends -- and they all chimed in. "Yes, yes. Send your blog to us too. We want to read."

Now what am I going to do? This entry -- this one right here -- will be the first entry that Elleana and Friends will read. I only have one choice -- and that is to cheat. Most of you already know Elleana because I have written much about her here. But Elleana doesn't know Elleana because she hasn't read it. So with apologies to by Blog Family I am going to do the linkaroo thing to selected blogs what may have won many awards if anyone had read them. This is primarily for Elleana and Friends but you can hitch a ride too. In fact I would sort of like your company.

In The Piccolautist I point to the one thing that I think influenced my daughter's burgeoning music career more than anything else. It also reveals who she was before she became a Boss and Mover and Shaker.

In spite of who they are, both of my kids have actually done remarkable things. Sometime last year I was irked at Elleana about some silliness and I figured out real quickly how to become un-irked, and that was by recalling that Remarkable Letter she wrote many years ago. You too will be amazed.

Sometimes being a father is bittersweet. Happy sad. Every father experiences this. You just can't get around it. This particular treatise was actually written a few years ago after an encounter with my daughter. I think I got it right in Dinner With My Daughter.

Now enough about the kid. For the Friends of Elleana I offer the following entries which seems to have stirred some interest among my little corner of the Blogger Community. These entries have won Accolades and Awards and....hold on a second. My wife asks, "What accolades and awards?" Oh. The silent, invisible ones. These entries have won the prestigious Silent and Invisible Accolades and Awards.

For the sake of bringing forth little known historical events, I present The Marriage Proposal and Le Roi Est Mort. I do this as a public service without pay for the edification of Blog Peoples.

And now my favorite blog entries, whether you agree or not: Ink Wells and Butter Churning, Desert Musings, and The Clasp.

So this My Cheating Blog Entry. If you have waded all the way through this and deign to leave a comment, you can take the opportunity to instruct Elleana on the finer points of Dad Appreciation and explain what a Technological Marvel I am.


  1. Why is it that our family members are always the last to realize how wonderfully talented we are? The pressure's on now, because if she doesn't call you up or comment as soon as she reads this, you'll know that she's lost the address again. I'll admit that, if I am not directly in front of a computer when someone gives me a website, I will forget to visit it later.

    I think that my family reads my blog covertly. They never comment, but sometimes one of them will mention something I've written about only on my blog, in passing, when we're talking. It's kind of weird. I often wonder how many of my friends are lurking, and which ones. Knowing would be nice, because then I could talk freely about the ones I knew WEREN'T reading, without always worrying that I'll offend someone.

    ...such is the life of a public blogger. Sigh.

  2. Oh my goodness, Elleana and friends are going to love this. I think the post I specifically remember was the Remarkable Letter. If she hasn't been following your blog, she really ought to, and not just because your her father (don't feel bad, my daughter doesn't read mine, either). Of all the blogs I read--and there are MANY--yours is one that I miss if you don't post every week. It's actually a bonus that you posted early this week so I don't have to wonder when it's going to happen. And I don't even mind that it's a cheater post.

    Looking forward to your next Soliloquy!

  3. Jerry! On a Friday! I *was* going to chastise you for "cheating," but then I read all the links and I'm glad I did. Each and everyone (just about) was prior to my joining your band of merry followers, so I'd not seen them before (yeah, because I can be lazy like that). Most brought me to tears. And believe me, I'd rather be in tears on Friday night than early in the morning sans coffee. The love for your daughter just POURS out of the screen! She is such a lucky girl. And that picture of your dad? So reminds me of mine. All of which reminds me....I need to call him tomorrow. Have a fabulous weekend, my friend.

  4. Hey Jerry!
    I'm still waiting for most of my family to bless my blog with their comments. At first it bothered me a little bit, but now I'm happy because I can say what I want about them.
    Great post Jerry, I'll be back later to read those links. I'm hoping I've read some of them already! Have a great weekend!

  5. Dear Elleana,
    On the finer points of Dad Appreciation, please note:
    1. He could have named you Morag. But he didn't.
    2. He could be writing a secret blog called How I Hate Morag. But he isn't.
    3. He could be posting embarrassing photos of you with banana (?) hanging out of your mouth. But he isn't. Oh wait, scratch that one.

    Nonetheless, two out of three is pretty good isn't it? Well, I like him anyway. :)

  6. I came over to check you out, stayed to read several posts, and I have to say, I'm jealous. You're interesting and funny and bring up some very cool stuff. Darn it. One more blogger ups the ante... :)

  7. Elleana,

    Welcome to your Dad's little corner of the blogosphere. We who read him regularly know lots about you, so feel free to treat us like family. We think that way about you and your meat-loaf making mom already.

    I met you and your dad through The Piccolautist - and if ever a girl were to read how much her dad loves her, that's the place to start. Right now I am clicking through the links, remembering and smiling and admiring your dad's way with words.

    What a lucky girl you are to have grown up with such gentle loving guidance.

  8. Daughters are cool. I have one, too! The whole Dad thing is a challenge. Blogging is a great way to embarrass the children and gives them something about which to roll their eyes.

    I don't even know if my kids read my stuff regularly. They don't Follow, they don't comment. What's a Dad to do?


  9. Elleana, you wouldn't believe what we know about you. It goes way beyond the tender little links here. My lips are not sealed. I can be persuaded with money.

    Jerry, my sister has never read my blog.

  10. Your a cool dad, who truly cares about his children, and that is special.

  11. thank you for starting off my week with a chuckle :) I hope Elleana sees how appreciated you are ;)

  12. Dear MIA Daughter Elleana,
    I cannot believe you have been missing all this genius-inspired-hysterical-ness that exudes from the musings of your uber-talented dad! I remember one of the very first posts I read about Buddy...and....the other dog...and I laughed till I cried. I do believe that the next post really DID make me cry.
    'Cause your dad is THAT talented.
    Start reading...your dad has some serious talent.

  13. Oh Jerry, now you have me laughing AND tearing up! I know at least half my family reads my blog, not because they leave commentary, but because when I see them, they gush about how amazing I am..It's true! And I must say, I soak it up! lol I wish my brothers would read it too though... and I'm not sure how many friends read it either... oh well :)

    you really are missing out! Read up my friend, your poppa will make you laugh and cry and shake your head for all sorts of reasons! ;) I read two posts of his and that was all it took for me to see that I too had been missing out and HAD to become an avid Gently Said reader. :) Your dad is somethin else, and I say that with the utmost respect. Especially when considering the fact that my own dad AND stepdad are also pretty friggin awesome :) May you read and be filled with love over and over again.. :)

  14. Oh my gosh, how could you NOT dote on her and talk about her! What a lovely baby, girl, woman!

  15. My my this is how it is. We ancient ones don't appear cool to the youth. Wait till they reach this point! Ha

  16. The entries are all faves to me. Whenever I need a lift, and I can clip a computer I hit here first! Then Murr..... sigh